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Focus on Security Planning

The DO's and DONT's of effective security planning is essential for a school's response capability

DO focus on prevention.

A safe and secure school environment requires ongoing evaluation and improvement of your safety and security programs.


DON’T assume anything.

There are no easy answers to security challenges in today’s school culture.

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Smile Knowing Your District Has A Great Security Plan in Place!
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DO focus on school security practices and recommendations. 

There are differences in the security strategies in other industries that do not address school challenges.

DON’T buy into the “one-size-fits-all” security solutions. 

Focus on flexible and scalable solutions that you need and provide the best answer to your school security challenges.

DO develop systems and procedures that are realistic, reasonable, and appropriate for the school environment.

DO develop a school environment that participates in and supports a security driven school culture.

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Support Your Schools Security Plan!



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