Technology for today’s school community. Engaging experiences for tomorrow’s generation.

Slide ec gpanel G2 SLIM PANEL
Android powered 4K interactive panels. Sizes 55, 65, 75, 86 LEARN MORE
Slide teacher view Share your screen. Remotely monitor and assist students in real-time. LEARN MORE teacher view Slide es gcomm Scheduled bell Scheduled bell, paging, intercom, and visual communication software. LEARN MORE es gcomm Slide esaf vc Visual Alerts Display Emergency messages across PC, Mac, Chromebook and Interactive Flat Panels throughout your building. LEARN MORE esaf vc Slide esaf cov LEARN MORE A clear barrier that provides safety, flexibility, and protection. Cov-Shield Slide LEARN MORE G2 Accessories Keyboard & Mouse
(Keyboard & Integrated Touchpad (2.4ghz))
ec kb es fixed stand
Galaxy Next Generation

G2 provides technology to the classroom of today for the generation of tomorrow.

Enhanced Classroom

ec gpanel

Android powered 4K interactive panels


Enhanced School

Enhance your buildings communication through scheduled audio, paging, intercom, and visual communication. LEARN MORE

Enhanced Safety

esaf vc

Securing your building through visual and audible alerts.

esaf vc

Featured Product

Visual Alerts

The human brain processes images up to 60,000 times faster than spoken words. G2 Communicator Desktop and Android applications display visual messages, on the screen of your PC, MAC, Chromebook, or Interactive Flat Panel.


  • Software runs in the background
  • Send Visual Messages to a single or group of devices
  • Available for PC and Mac
  • Available for Android versions ≥ 5.01
  • Create virtually unlimited visual announcements
  • Custom Text
  • User uploaded images
  • User controlled background colors
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G2 provides hardware, Software solutions and Training.

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