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G2 Visual Alerts

The human brain processes images up to 60,000 times faster than spoken words. G2 Communicator Desktop and Android applications display visual messages on the screen of your PC, MAC, Chromebook, or Interactive Flat Panel. Announcements and Alert messages have never been easier. With G2 Visual Communicator software installed on your PC, Mac, or Android Interactive Flat Panel, Alert an Announcement message appears on the user device. When the message is complete, the device will return to its previous screen.

How does it work?

A simple application is installed on the device. The application is then registered with the school’s hosted G2 Communicator server. Once registered, the software patiently waits to receive a message from the server. When a message is sent from the server, the Visual Communicator software window appears on the screen on top of all other open windows and will remain there until it is closed by the user or the Alert/Announcement is terminated on the server.

G2 Visual Communicator may be used for visual announcements throughout the entire campus or group of devices on the campus. For example, a targeted message could be sent to the student in the first and second grade classrooms before they go out for recess.

G2 Visual Communicator may also be used in the event of a Lockout, Lockdown or Shelter in Place notifications. Custom text and images may be added by the school as needed.

Visual Announcements and Alerts may be executed from the G2 Communicator web interface or by dialing the assigned extension from the G2 Communicator Intercom Console.

esaf vc

esaf vc


  • Software runs in the background
  • Send Visual Messages to a single or group of devices
  • Available for PC and Mac
  • Available for Android versions ≥ 5.01
  • Create virtually unlimited visual announcements
  • Custom Text
  • User uploaded images
  • User controlled background colors

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