Should I use a surge protector on my G2 SLIM Panel?

As a best practice, Galaxy Next Generation always recommends the use of a quality surge protector.
Example item: Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In

Why doesn’t my panel power on?

  • Verify the on/off switch is set to the “on” position.
    • Verify the power button located on the bottom front center of the panel is red.
      • Press and release the button, it should turn green.
  • Verify the outlet is working.
  • Switch power cords.

What should I do with my G2 SLIM panel over a long holiday or break?

  • During short breaks, it is recommended to shut your panel off.
  • During longer breaks, Fall, Spring, Winter, and summer breaks, it is recommended the panel is turned off and the power cord removed.How do I clean my panel?
  • Never clean the panel while the power is on.
  • When cleaning the panel use a soft cotton cloth. Water with limited soap works best. Avoid using chemical reagents or solvents as they may etch the glass.

How do I adjust the Interactive Flat Panel’s volume?

  • Click the “Left” or “Right” Side bar.
  • Click the OSD, (on-screen display), icon.
  • Select the Sound tab.
  • Adjust the volume.

Do I have to pay for applications?

The G2 SLIM panel does come with pre-installed applications. However, other applications do require a subscription.

Why would I want to own an OPS computer for my Interactive Flat Panel?

Having an OPS, (Open Pluggable Specification), computer allow the Interactive Flat Panel, (IFP) to function as an All-In-One computer with an exceptionally large touch screen monitor. With the optional wireless keyboard and mouse, staff and student may interact with the panel anywhere in the room as well as at the screen.

What is G2 Communicator?

G2 Communicator is a modern Bell, Intercom, Paging and Communication platform available as a cloud-based software as a service or on-premises server and software appliance.

Can G2 Communicator be installed in my existing school?

Yes, in fact the majority of our installations replace 20- to 30-year-old failing systems.

If I buy G2 Communicator, can I keep some of my equipment?

In many cases some of the existing equipment can be recycled. However, equipment failing or close to failing should always be replaced.

Can G2 Communicator be installed in the school my district is going to build?


Can my G2 Communicator system be expanded after the initial installation?

Yes, G2 Communicator was designed to be cost effective and upgrade friendly. Add a new wing, simply add the new devices to the system.

Does G2 Communicator have any way to send audible alerts?

Yes, G2 Communicator can send built-in, or user created audio files to a single IP endpoint in the building, a group of devices, or all the devices.

Does G2 Communicator have any way to send visual alerts?

Yes, with G2 Visual Alerts, visual message may be sent to a single visual device, a group of devices, or all visual devices.

What type of devices can be used with G2 Visual Alerts?

G2 Visual Alerts may be installed on the following OS systems:

    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Chrome (Chromebook)
    • IOA
    • Android 5.0 or above

Does G2 Communicator have any “apps” for use with my cell phone?

Yes, G2 Visual Communicator is available for both IOS and Android.

Does G2 Communicator have an “app” that interface with G2 Visual Alerts?

Yes, G2 Activator is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Do I need a video doorbell?

  • Yes. The video doorbell allows patrons to your building to contact you while at your work location via the G2 Communicator Intercom Console. Upon answering the VoIP call between the video doorbell and the Intercom Console, the worker may have a two-way voice conversation as well as view the person(s) standing at the door.
  • When integrated with the buildings access control system, the door may be opened by keying the access code on the Intercom Console.
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