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esaf vc

G2 Visual Alerts

G2 Visual Alerts overtakes the screen of any enrolled device to send instant communications anytime and anywhere

  • First-to-market solution
  • Easily deploy timely notifications to any enabled device in the ecosystem-anytime, anywhere
  • Built for building and off-campus use

How does it work?

From an internet-ready or mobile device, administrators can initiate text, image and video messages to enabled devices in the ecosystem within a matter of seconds.

  • Initiate text, image and video messages to any enrolled device within seconds
  • Manage and customize G2 Visual Alerts using G2 Communicator application
  • Administrators can trigger alerts from any internet-ready device and/or via phone

esaf vc

esaf vc


  • Compatible with Android, Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Chrome
  • Software runs in the background
  • Customize text, images, colors and more
  • Deploy messages to single device or to a group

Other Enhanced Safety Products from G2

esaf db

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See and talk with visitors to your building before they enter. Integrated relay for access control.
Integrated in our G2 Communicator system.

esaf cov


Cov-Shield: a clear barrier that provides safety, flexibility, and protection.

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