With the rise in school violence continuing across our nation, the Galaxy team feel compelled to make an impact on the education community.

Therefore, we would like to offer a complimentary one-year of ‘G2 Visual Alerts’ subscription to every eligible school and/or school district across the United States

As noted by Galaxy CFO, Magen McGahee:

The majority of our employees are either parents or grandparents of school age children, this is more than just an opportunity to expose the greater school community to a proven school security solution, this is a personal mission for all of us at Galaxy to make our schools safter for this generation to children and beyond

G2 VISUAL ALERTS commands the screen of any internet enabled device with text, images, or videos initiated from anywhere, at any time providing another layer of critical communication…when seconds count.

  • Visual Announcements
  • Designed for PC, Mac, Chromebook, and Interactive Flat Panels.
  • Software runs in the background.
  • Notification alerts are easily activated from our G2 App, Web Interface *Physical button, *Intercom Console.
  • Send Alerts to a single device, group or entire building.
  • Custom Text, background colors and user uploaded images.
  • Create virtually unlimited visual announcements.
  • Disseminates information throughout the building and beyond.

Complimentary G2 Visual Alerts Subscription for 2022-2023

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